Call center

It contains tools for developing and managing a professional call center. In this way, the company can create support tools for sales or for technical assistance services for its own customers.

WebPhone: example of layout for call center/contact-center operator


Queues and ACD

  • Queues can be configured via web in a simple manner (messages, opening and closing hours)
  • Configurable distribution strategies: (sequential, round robin, ring-all) in order to balance loads on operators and manage the skills of those who answer as best as possible
  • Management of special events: all operators busy, no operator enabled in logon, maximum waiting time in queue reached
  • Queue exit strategies: the caller can press a button while in queue in order to leave a message

Tools for call center operators

  • No software to be installed on the PC
  • Web client (Operator Panel) con web phone integrated in the browser
  • Possibility to use the Web Operator Panel as a control tool for an IP telephone dedicated to answering or transferring the calls
  • Logon/logoff of operators via web/li>
  • Visibility of queued users waiting for answers
  • Manual pickup of the queued call in order to answer an important call which is not one of the next in line to be served and which would risk waiting a long time in the queue due to its position
  • View of unanswered calls from the queue
  • Audi/video notification if the conversation time exceeds a certain threashold/li>
  • Layout of the independent web client: the operator can decide which queues to monitor and in the order which he/she prefers/li>

Tools for the call center manager

  • Report of the hour-by-hour trend of waiting times in queue and of the quantity of simultaneous calls
  • Report of answered and unanswered calls, of average waiting times, broken down at the single service level
  • Report of logon and logoff times of the single operators
  • Single and comparative analyses of the operators’ performance (average conversation time, maximum and total time) that can be filtered for each service
  • Notification if there is more than a certain number of queued callers, in order to take on additional operators upon request
  • Reports that can be exported in .CSV format
  • Audio recording of the calls
  • Possibility to put a link to the web phone on the company’s website, so that customers can call the call center through the web browser, without using any other phones



API REST and Integration with CRM

  • The operator can contact a customer from the CMR
  • MasterVoice can invoke external external web services in the case of an incoming call
  • On the Operator Panel, it is possible to open the data sheet of the customer with whom the operator is speaking through a simple click or invoke a web service of an external system in order to generate a pop-up