Meeting and conference

The software used to quickly create audio/view meetings, presentations and webinars.



  • HD video quality
  • Adaptive video codec to optimise band use
  • No limit to the number of participants at a conference
  • Sharing of the desktop even by multiple participants
  • Integrated chat
  • Inclusion of telephone users, extensions or geographical numbers in the meeting
  • Visual detection of the person who is speaking
  • Sharing of the meeting with external users ad guests through URL
  • The moderator can impose his/her own direction or allow each user to decide who to put in the foreground thanks to SFU technology
  • Tools for the moderator that silence, include or expel participants
  • Conduction and direction of YouTube videos for courses and presentations Raising of hand to request to speak
  • Automatic foreground of the speaker option
  • Web client for PC
  • App for Android smartphone and tablet