Mastervoice UCC Web Client

MasterVoice UCC: a complete UCC (Unified Communication e Collaboration) client

MasterVoice UCC is a complete UCC (Unified Communication e Collaboration) client, and can be used on a PC or Mac through a web page. Therefore, all the user needs is a common web browser in order to be able to use MasterVoice.
Moreover, the advantage of having a web client is that it does not require the installation of any specific program, always obtained the most updated software version with no need of any intervention by the user or IT manager.


The MasterVoice UCC web client allows you to:

  • Make and receive calls to and from users and geographical numbers by consulting the company phone book. By using USB or Bluetooth headsets and microphone, the web client becomes a veritable web phone
  • Make video calls to other users
  • Participate in video conferences and transmit images of the desktop of your PC or of an application
  • Organise web meetings, inviting participants internal and external to the company
  • Send and receive text messages (Chat and Instant messaging)
  • Send and receive files (audio clips, images, videos and documents)
  • Display a call button on your website in order to offer a free telephone contact to your customers