The company

MasterVoice is a line of software and services that originates from the passion, research and twenty-year experience of the company MasterTraining, leader in the sector of unified business communication. With the development and engineering of the MasterVoice system, MasterTraining has earned the trust of major industrial companies Today, it is partner with many domestic and international companies that chose it not just as a manufacturer of software platforms but also as a consultant, manager and single supplier at the connectivity level. The expertise, the creative genius typically Made in Italy of the technical sector, as well as the level of absolute technological excellence achieved by MasterTraining, have contributed to the fast rise of the brand on the market.

MasterVoice fully satisfies the needs of Brands that wish to move nimbly and quickly on the markets, thanks to a robust technical structure able to interpret and intercept social and technological progress.

The software programs, entirely analysed, designed and developed in Italy, focus on that which is commonly defined as Unified Communication for companies (UC).


To product technological innovation aimed at optimising business communication processes in order to obtain the best solutions of the sector.

MasterVoice’s ultimate goal is to improve the professional well-being of its customers. How? By taking advantage of and maximising the potential of the technology in which very often companies have already invested, but also introducing and implementing new technologies capable of generating benefits in terms of productivity, operational efficiency and cost reduction.

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