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Il sistema di Comunicazione Unificata (UC) MasterVoice migliora la comunicazione e le performance business, anche grazie a una serie di servizi pensati per essere sempre al fianco delle aziende. Scegliere MasterVoice significa essere supportati dall’esperienza di un partner unico per la gestione di centrali VoIP in cloud, instant messaging, gestione call center e customer service online, video conferenze, smart working, integrazione ERP e CRM.

MasterVoice System: what services do we offer?

Services and support for your company

The MasterVoice Unified Communication (UC) system improves business communication and performance, assisted by a range of services designed to provide maximum support to companies.

Choosing MasterVoice means the experienced support of a single partner in the management of cloud-based VoIP, instant messaging, call centre management and online customer service, video conferencing, teleworking, and ERP and CRM integration.

For Hassle-Free Unified Communication

MasterVoice handles all aspects of your company’s unified communication, from consulting, design and installation of customised and flexible suites able to adapt to any need and technological context, to the integrated management of software, apps and cloud technologies, of providers and connectivity costs, and of all telephone services, to the training of employees and operators and ongoing technical assistance to ensure hassle-free unified communication.

MasterVoice, a unique partner at your company’s side

Complete communication management

MasterVoice serves as a single point of reference when it comes to managing communications within your company, always providing timely support to our customers and providing continuity and reliability over time.

Choosing MasterVoice means gaining that little “added extra”: all our software and apps for unified communication are planned, designed and developed directly by MasterVoice to create compatible and tailor-made systems for every customer. This guarantees customised, safe and 100% adaptable platforms.

Better connectivity, lower operational costs

MasterVoice has one goal: simplifying communication to improve workflow and performance in your company. That’s why by choosing MasterVoice services, every client will have a single point of contact for the supply, support, management and billing of all unified communication services.

MasterVoice thinks of everything, guaranteeing tangible advantages to companies: greater reliability, rapid resolution of problems, better connectivity, and optimisation of operational costs.

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MasterVoice si propone come referente unico per la gestione dell’intero comparto della comunicazione in azienda, sempre al fianco dei clienti in tempi rapidi, con continuità e affidabilità nel tempo.
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Progetti su misura per garantire l’adattamento di MasterVoice a qualunque esigenza e contesto tecnologico con la massima flessibilità Provider di connettività per supportare le aziende nell’ottimizzare e risolvere ogni problema di connettività Gestione numeri geografici per gestire tutti i servizi telefonici delle aziende Servizio in Cloud di UC per offrire la gestione online di MasterVoice da qualsiasi dispositivo e in tempo reale grazie alla tecnologia Cloud Formazione on site e in remoto per formare i dipendenti delle aziende clienti Assistenza tecnica on site e in telediagnosi per il controllo delle performance e il pronto intervento

All our services are designed to simplify business processes

All services offered by MasterVoice

With MasterVoice, experience and innovation are made available to companies every day to ensure operational efficiency and technical excellence.

  • Tailor-made projects to ensure MasterVoice adapts to any need in any technological context with maximum flexibility
  • Connectivity provider to support businesses in optimizing and resolving any connectivity issues
  • Geographic number management to handle all company telephone services
  • UC Cloud Service to allow online management of MasterVoice from any device and in real time using Cloud technology
  • Training, on-site and remote, to train employees of client companies
  • Technical assistance, on-site and remote, for performance monitoring and prompt intervention

MasterVoice Services: what are the advantages?

Personalisation and security in a complete suite

MasterVoice can make the difference for your company: it becomes a central point from which all your communication platforms are managed, guaranteeing numerous advantages for your customers.

  • Modernises and improves communication without disrupting it
  • Brings together communication software in a single platform
  • Selectively implements company communication software
  • Improves operational continuity in the company
  • Allows your company to operate under any conditions
  • Facilitates remote working easily and quickly
  • Ensures maximum information security and data protection
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