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A complete phone console, 100% online

Operator Panel by MasterVoice is an online telephone console that allows you to perform advanced operations quickly and easily, designed for call centre operators, switchboard operators and management assistants.

The MasterVoice Operator Panel allows you to

  • View and recognise incoming calls
  • Display the waiting and talk time of individual calls
  • Use click-to-call
  • Quickly search for extension numbers and contact numbers to call
  • Transfer calls with a simple drag-and-drop
  • Monitor queues in real time
  • Manage queued calls in automatic or manual mode
  • Customise Favourites List (BLF)
  • Monitor the status of company extensions (free/busy) in real time
  • Display company extensions by name, surname, number and geographical location
  • Customise layout


  • Make a call with one click
  • Transfer a call with a simple drag-and-drop
  • See call queues
  • Manually select a caller in the queue, to respond to urgent calls or important clients
  • Quickly search for contacts and customise the contact list according to your needs