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Customised solutions

Maximum flexibility for every need


MasterVoice develops tailor-made unified communication systems for businesses: the MasterVoice system is an intelligent solution for technological integration and evolution for your company’s voice, video and data communications, cloud-based VoIP, instant messaging, call centre management and online customer service, video conferencing, teleworking, and ERP and CRM integration, accessible through a single interface from desktop or laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Developed directly by MasterVoice, the Unified Communication integrated platform offers economic and organisational advantages along with impressive levels of flexibility in every context, with every management system, and for every business need.

MasterVoice is a genuine consultant, able to support companies in every operational phase to simplify and improve processes, evaluating the best way to optimise resources and efficiency without compromise.

What opportunities does MasterVoice offer?

  • Implements the potential of existing technologies within the company, in which clients have already invested
  • Integrates existing viable applications (operational, CRM, ERP, industrial systems…) with new technologies.
  • Creates a completely new platform, designed to be efficient, intuitive and flexible at all times