vignetta con totale su un ufficio con donna alla scrivania con microfono head set e pop up con uomo al telefono, simula una scambio di messaggi o una comunicazione in corso
La Comunicazione Unificata (UC) MasterVoice è un sistema che integra diversi strumenti di comunicazione per ottimizzare i processi aziendali, rendendoli fruibili agli utenti finali attraverso i dispositivi più diffusi come smartphone, tablet, pc.


Integrated technologies for company communications

MasterVoice Unified Communication (UC) is a system that integrates multiple communications tools to optimise company processes, making them available to end users by way of the most commonly used devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

The MasterVoice Unified Communications platform has been designed as a single integrated suite of all voice, video and data communication technologies for businesses: cloud-based VoIP, call centre management and online customer service, video conferencing, teleworking, and ERP and CRM integration.

Integrated software and apps in one single platform

MasterVoice Unified Communication is an online interface which allows users to access various business communication services (including messaging, voice and video calling, chats, file sharing, and screen sharing) from multiple devices including desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets.


Personalised solutions that provide efficiency and data security

Cloud-based VoIP solutions, instant messaging, call centre management and online customer service, video conferencing, teleworking, and ERP and CRM integration. Why integrate voice, video and data communications into a single online suite?

Adopting a customised Unified Communication system is crucial to your business. Employees and operators can be trained to use the different software programs and apps, all integrated on a single platform, tailor-made to your business needs to guarantee the utmost in security, flexibility and reliability over time, enhancing communication.

Your company’s communication becomes simple, fast and secure.

Choosing MasterVoice Unified Communication means optimising the exchange of information and speeding up your business processes thanks to greater efficiency and security in communications. Employees no longer need to install multiple applications, keep track of multiple devices (running the risk of losing important information), or spend so long sharing information within the company.

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Soluzioni personalizzate tra efficienza e sicurezza informatica
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Centrali VoIP, chat, email, video conferenza: connessi ovunque e in ogni momento Scegliere la Comunicazione Unificata MasterVoice significa avere diversi software e app per la comunicazione integrati in un unico sistema, progettato su misura per migliorare i processi in azienda e la continuità operativa senza limiti: dalle centrali VoIP in cloud alla chat, dalla email aziendale alla videoconferenza.


Cloud-based VoIP, chat, email, video conferencing: stay connected wherever you are, whenever you need to.

Choosing MasterVoice Unified Communication means having different communications software and apps integrated in a single system, tailor-made to improve workflow and business continuity: from cloud-based VoIP calling to chat, from company email to videoconferencing.

Voice, video and data communications for superior performance

The advantages include streamlining communication methods in the office, improving work processes, and creating the foundations for improved collaboration. Employees can access a virtual work environment where information circulates freely, from one tool to another and across different devices: desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

MasterVoice Unified Communication is a genuine opportunity for any business: employees and system users can collaborate and communicate in a leaner, more precise way, reaching customers, partners and suppliers faster, with the maximum information security.


Hassle-free, borderless Unified Communication

MasterVoice is the winning solution for businesses looking for a high-performance communication system to stay connected wherever you are, whenever you need to.

MasterVoice is a single partner for the development of hassle-free Unified Communication systems, custom-made and highly adaptable: cloud-based VoIP, call centre management and online customer service, video conferencing, teleworking, and ERP and CRM integration

Consulting, design, and installation: everything you need for connectivity in your company.

MasterVoice consulting and design allow your company to implement and maximise the capabilities of the technologies it already uses, or to create completely new communications platforms designed to be efficient, intuitive and flexible.

From software development to operational configuration, from the customisation of the program for specific use in the company, through to training and system activation, MasterVoice represents a single point of reference for sourcing, management, assistance and invoicing for all connectivity services, with fast installation times, personalised and clear pricing, and instant response to every request.

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Comunicazione Unificata senza pensieri e senza confini MasterVoice è la soluzione vincente per le aziende che vogliono una comunicazione dalle performance superiori, restando connessi ovunque e in ogni momento.
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La Comunicazione Unificata MasterVoice è la piattaforma unica e integrata di software – come centrali VoIP in cloud, call center e customer service online, video conferenze, smart working, integrazione ERP e CRM fruibili tramite un’unica interfaccia


Improve your company’s communication with maximum security

An increasing number of companies are looking for high-performing systems to improve real-time information exchange and productivity, while keeping operating costs under control.

MasterVoice Unified Communications is a single, integrated software platform – including cloud-based VoIP, call centres and online customer service, video conferencing, teleworking, and ERP and CRM integration, accessible through a single interface via desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets – designed for efficient technology management, to create a work environment capable of responding to today’s requirements of dynamism and the utmost in information security.

Secure Unified Communication:   privacy and data protection

MasterVoice Unified Communication offers efficient, adaptable, user-friendly and reliable solutions that are also 100% secure: high-level privacy, data protection, access management, and reduced software vulnerability are guaranteed by innovative security systems and the experience and continuous technical assistance provided by MasterVoice.

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