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Manage Customer Service and switchboard operators in an innovative way

Call Centre by MasterVoice is a system designed to create a professional call centre and manage a group of switchboard operators (including remote operators in different locations), for sales support and customer technical assistance, making call distribution simpler and more uniform.


Queues and ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

  • Queues easily configurable via web (messages, opening and closing times)
  • Configurable distribution strategies (sequential, round robin, ring-all) to balance the load on operators and manage respondent skills effectively
  • Special event management: all operators busy, no authorised operator logged in, maximum waiting time in queue reached
  • Queue exit strategy: callers can press a key while waiting in the queue to leave a message

Tools for call centre operators

  • No software to install on PC
  • Web client (Operator Panel) with web phone integrated in browser
  • Ability to use Operator Panel Web as a dedicated IP phone control tool for answering or transferring calls
  • Operator logon-logoff via web
  • Visibility of users in queue waiting for response
  • Manual pickup of calls in queue, to immediately answer an important user who is facing a long wait
  • View of unanswered calls from the queue
  • Audio-visual notification if the conversation time has exceeded a certain threshold
  • Independent web client layout: the operator can decide which queues to monitor and in what order

Tools for call centre managers

  • Hour-by-hour trend report on queue times and number of simultaneous calls
  • Reports on answered and unanswered calls and average waiting times, broken down by service level
  • Report of logon and logoff times of individual operators
  • Individual and comparative analyses of operators’ performance (average, maximum and total talk time), filterable by service
  • Notification if the callers in a queue exceed a certain number, enabling deployment of additional operators on request
  • Reports exportable in .CSV
  • Audio recording of calls
  • Ability to add a link to the webphone on the company’s website, to allow customers to call the call centre directly from their web browser, without using their phones

REST API and CRM Integration

  • Operators can contact customers from CRM
  • MasterVoice can use external web services in the event of an incoming call
  • Through Operator Panel, the switchboard operator can open a file on the current customer with a simple click, or use an external web service to generate a pop up


  • Manage several switchboards, even remote ones in different locations, as a single group
  • Make the distribution of calls easier and more uniform
  • Ability to answer queued calls from the mobile app, to manage on-call services on the go
  • Audio recording of conversations
  • Detailed statistics on waiting times, calls answered and missed calls at individual service level
  • Comparative performance statistics on call centre operators: average and maximum talk time, percentage of calls answered and missed
  • Reports exportable in .csv format for post-processing