icona di computer desktop suddiviso in 4 porzioni ognuna della quali contenente un persona, simula una videoconferenza

Conferences, web meetings, presentations and webinars

MasterMeet by MasterVoice is a software programme that allows you to quickly set up video conferences, online meetings, presentations, and webinars, equipped with a web client for desktop and laptop computers and an app for Android smartphones and tablets.


MasterVoice video conferencing software allows you to

  • Organise and conduct video conferences, online meetings, presentations, and webinars with no limit on the number of participants
  • Manage video conferencing in meeting rooms, connecting audio, video, USB and Bluetooth devices
  • Enjoy dynamic video definition, adjusting resolution automatically to reduce bandwidth consumption, up to Full HD (1080p)
  • Independently manage direction and all audio/video streams during a videoconference, thanks to SFU (Selective Forwarding Unit) technology
  • Invite users from outside the company and guests simply by sending a link. There is also the option to include telephone users in the meeting on internal or geographic lines.


  • Adaptive video codecs to optimise bandwidth usage
  • Desktop sharing by multiple participants
  • Integrated chat
  • Option for automatic speaker view
  • Raise Hand option to ask to speak
  • 100% customisable view
  • Independent volume control
  • Moderator tools to mute, admit or remove participants
  • Creating and directing YouTube videos for courses and presentations